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Iza Malczyk

I was born and raised in the countryside. The first 15 years of my life were timed by changing seasons - the springtime sun of the Yellow Star-of-Bethlehem blossoming in the park surrounding our house as well as the scent of mushrooms in the damp and cold of autumn. Those years were also timed by the old sundial covered with moss in which, as I believed, all the secrets of the world were hidden. My childhood was a fairy-tale and memories of it embrace me in a soothing feeling of warmth.

The turbulence of adolescence coincided with my move to the cavernous city. As I tried to catch up with everything going on around me I found myself unable to come back to that beauty I had known before. I was quickly pushed into the adult life - university, work, and being a wife and a mother for the two most important men in my life. Lately it has all made me feel a bit confused...

Making jewellery is my way of coming back to the happiness of my childhood, to the roots of nature, and, last but not least, to the depths of my soul. This is what I do for myself, what has helped me find my own self again after all those years of being lost in the ruthlessness of reality. Each move transforming a bunch of beads and a ball of wire into beauty, all the seconds spent holding my breath over a challenging turn that can already be counted into months - all this is what I needed to once more feel myself. I'm happy to share the fruits of my work with you - I hope my jewellery calls up pleasant memories for you and becomes such a memory itself.

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