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Iza Malczyk, 2007-06-01, comments: [0] leave your comment


I'm leaving for 3 weeks. I'm planning to get some good rest and come back with a lot of new ideas. See you in the last days of June!

Iza Malczyk, 2007-05-11, comments: [3] leave your comment


Some things simply call for being oxidised. Some are created with oxidising in mind. That was the case with one of my latest designs - the Daisies. You can see all three stages the daisies have gone through: before oxidising, just after and finally, cleaned from the excess of oxide:

I use the "cold oxide" liquid to oxidise my jewelry but the same effect can be achieved even by using... a boiled egg.

Iza Malczyk, 2007-04-05, comments: [0] leave your comment

Year of Jewelry

My journey in the YOJ project organised by th Creative Wire Jewelry forum has begun. The first piece matching the theme April Showers is a necklace of mat sterling silver and aquamarines:

I still adore soldering my own chains - this one was made out of 13ga wire, hammered and given the satin look.

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