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Mechanic's Girfriend Iza Malczyk

Mechanic's Girfriend

Listed: 2008-11-28
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This is one of my Mechanic Kinetich rings series - this time designed for a lady :)

3 rings made of 12ga sterling wire were finished in 3 different ways - satin silver, dark polished grey and texturex oxidised. They are joined with a decorative ring made in wire-wrapping with a silver sheet tape which was also oxidised and polished to dark grey. The circle moves freely around the 3 rings. You won't be able to resist playing with it all the time ;)

The ring is 6.3US size (13EU size, ca 17mm in diameter).
The circle is 17mm in diameter.

The dark grey colour will wear off with time to lighter grey.

You will receive it gift-boxed :)

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