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Indian Feather Earrings
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Ethnic patterns are one of the hottest trends for the upcoming fashion season. This pattern looks best if the earrings are oxidized or if you're making it a mixed-metal version - wrapping stands out nicely on the background set by thick, straight wires. You can make tons of variations of this pattern, use in not only in earrings, but in pendants, bracelets, rings, etc.

Making those earrings doesn't require glue or solder - it's pure wire-wrapping! Pictures and deions are designed even for those not yet self-confident enough to call themselves intermediate wire-wrapping artists :)

The process of making these earrings is presented in 35 easy to follow steps and illustrated with 37 pictures. It will be sent to you as a pdf copy (about 1140 KB), usually within 24 hours receiving the payment (except weekends and holidays when I'm out of my studio).

You can pay for this tutorial via PayPal - simply send 10USD to Remember to type "tutorial 4" in the subject of the transaction.

This is the list of materials and tools necessary to make 2 earrings (my earrings are 5.5cm / 2.2'' long without earwires):

64cm (25.6'') of 1mm / 18gauge wire (I've used SS half-hard wire but it can be copper or gold-filled - combining various metals will make the pattern stand out nicely) cut into 8 even pieces - 8cm (3.2'') each
2m (80'') of 0.4mm (26 gauge) fine silver or dead soft sterling silver wire
8 beads - rounds or rondelles measuring 2-4mm (I've used garnet rounds - 6 smaller and 2 larger).
circa 5cm (2'') of chain with tiny links cut into 4 even pieces
1 pair of earwires
flat-nose pliers
round-nose pliers
wire cutters
fine file
optional - liver of sulfur


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