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Gemini Earrings
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TO PAY FOR THE TUTORIAL: send 12USD to PayPal address.


One of the most common questions I receive about my jewelry is "How do you make this so symmetrical?"; or "How do you make two identical earrings?". Keeping design symmetrical and making earrings look like mirror images of each other seems to be an important issue for wire-wrappers and all jewelry makers.

In this tutorial I will present step by step instructions for creation of the Gemini Earrings. I'll also share my experiences concerning symmetry and repetition in wire-wrapping design, as well as offer some trouble-shooting advice. Moreover, you'll also learn how to make those fancy French earwires ;)

The process of making of these earrings is presented in 44 easy to follow steps and illustrated with 47 high quality large pictures.
The Guide to Repetition and Symmetry consists of 9 pages illustrated with full color pictures as well. The whole tutorial is 26,5 pages filled with my experience and knowledge ;)

IMPORTANT: The lesson explains how to make the earrings presented on the cover (first picture) of this listing. Other pictures present designs you can make developing the techniques learned this tutorial and are not explained in the lesson.

It will be sent to you via email as a pdf copy (about 1,2 MB in a compressed version and 12 MB in a high quality version sent on request), usually within 24 hours receiving the payment (except weekends and holidays when I'm out of my studio).

NOTE: all measurements are given in centimeters (cm).

- basic soldering skills - soldering silver frames, balling ends of wire.
- basic to intermediate wire-wrapping skills

- 14cm of sterling silver wire - 17 gauge (1,2mm) or 18 (1mm) gauge (for the frames);
- 52cm of fine silver wire - 18 gauge (1,0mm) (for swirls and earwires);
- 140cm of fine silver wire - 26 gauge (0,4mm) (for wrapping);
- two small jump-rings or links a rolo chain;
- flat nose pliers, round nose pliers, wire cutters, metal chasing hammer and steel block;
- tools and materials required for soldering (torch, solder, pickle, etc.);
- ruler, pencil or marker pen;
- round object, like a larger marker pen, for shaping frames (ca 13mm in diameter);
- files and abrasive papers of different gradation;
- liver of sulfur or black patina, coarse cleanser + tumbler (optional).

If you have any questions concerning this tutorial, please, do not hesitate to contact me.

TO PAY FOR THE TUTORIAL: send 12USD to PayPal address.


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